Speak about what you are passionate about
Speak about the things that create emotion within you or the things that you like and genuinely believe in. There is no point speaking about something you can’t relate to or something that you don’t really care about because that will just make you seem emotionless. If you speak about something you are passionate about, even if you slip up, you can redeem yourself by saying something about that topic based on what you truly think of it. 

2) Short is sweet
No one likes to listen to a long speech. Keep your speech sweet and short and never start by saying “I’ll keep this short…” If you keep your speech short, you are conveying all of the points you initially had in mind without deviating. The more you deviate from the topic, the more boring the audience will find you.

3) Tone and language is crucial
Anyone can talk, but what sets you right at the top, is the ability to speak with eloquence and use different but beautiful language. The skill of learning to vary the tone of your voice from situation to situation will keep your audience engaged throughout. Use good vocabulary and suit your tone to the topic you are talking about. If you are talking about something serious, use a tone that is formal and use vocabulary that is exceptionally good. If you are talking to an audience of teenagers or young adults, keep the tone casual and the vocabulary decent because that way, the audience can understand you better. 

4) Body language is your judge
When you do your speak, feel free on the stage. Move a little bit and keep yourself relaxed. The audience watches your eye movement and hand movements. Actions like stroking your hair or playing with jewellery or watches while you speak means that you are distracted and the audience will pick up on it. Keep your head free and look at the audience in a ‘Z’ shape. Start from the top left, moving to the top right, down to thebottom left and then the bottom right. This way you cover most of the audience and they feel involved.

5) A prompt is always good
For any major speech or a slightly longer speech, it is alright to have a prompt. Write down a set of key words in bullet points that will trigger your memory and keep you going. Don’t memorise a speech but don’t even come to the speech unprepared and hope you’ll get away with the prompt. Don’t write down your entire speech on the prompt because if you lose track, you’ll end up wasting time searching for the bit you missed out in your speech.

6) Jokes are good – but don’t become a joke
A joke is always good because it eases your nerves and the audience. It is a mechanism to keep yourself relaxed so starting with it immediately conveys to the audience that you are relaxed so they can relax with you. If the audience doesn’t laugh at your jokes, it doesn’t matter, you have to move on! Not everyone has a funny bone in them and you can’t expect a roar of laughter every time. Buy that extra laughter time to run through the next point you are going to say. But a word of caution, don’t overdo the jokes or you will become a joke and the audience won’t take you seriously and will only make you look silly.

7) Don’t get too passionate

If you are making a serious speech about something you believe in, there is a possibility you will get too passionate. Don’t let that happen! Getting really passionate will scare your audience away. The speech will become more focused on you as opposed to the audience (which should be your prime focus). Bear in mind, there will be people who don’t agree with you on any issues that you are talking about.

8) Nerves should be beaten down
Just before you go on to the stage, have a glass of water and take a few deep breaths. The point of this is to increase the oxygen to your brain, allowing you to concentrate better and focus on your speech and the audience. When you go on that stage, you must own it because it is like your place. You must compose yourself because you are being watched and the only way you can get away with it is by being cool, calm and composed. If you feel confident, you can be confident!

9) The audience rule
Most of the times, nerves and the fear of public speaking only crops up when you are scared of the audience. Let that not be the case here. The audience rule dictates that whatever the audience might be, you don’t have to be nervous. If the audience is a bunch of strangers who you have never seen in your life before, even if they dislike you, it doesn’t matter because you will never see them ever again. By keeping your speech interesting and fresh, you will win over any people who aren’t your fans.

10) Practice makes perfect
There is no getting away from the fact that practice will make you a better speaker. Practice in front of a mirror. Speak in front of a trusted member of family or a friend and ask them for feedback. Remember, no one is perfect and you must try if you want to get anywhere near it.

                                                                                                            Idaham Hamdan 
                                                                                                              love peace fun
Things that I love the most is shopping for computers n its is much fun than looking for wardrobe collection....

Just yesterday, my sister n I went hunting for a netbook. Not for me though, but my sister. Her budget is RM 1.5k...i insist her buying a netbook with 6 cell as it will last longer than 3 cell, so she can be found endlessly netting everywhere n anywhere her heart desires. Let me share you with our plan n strategy.

First...get a review from the net on the netbook you the reviews among the top rated netbook (in my case)...choose a few selection that meet your requirements n budget. My personal favorite brand is HP, DELL, Compact n Fujitsu. Why? Well, I just believe their brands based on its QC standard n customer service track record. I strongly suggets you NOT to purchase ACER brand. They have low quality material n its cs sucks...You want to believe me on this...coz i own one not long ago.

Second....get to Low Yat (IT shopping can be anywhere else u want) as early as possible...even before the shop opens. You have all the time in that day to survey almost all the shop, the shop assistants are in the mood to entertain your long list of questions, you have time to compare the prices n netbook models throughout you break time in this wonderful kopitiam (located on your right when you go down the escalator...not white coffee kopitiam) and you can collect valuable info from various sales man (and you can know, who is giving u crap info). The basic type of question u might want to ask is:
1) Price
2) The processor (Atom is the ONE for netbook) type n its speed (at least 1.66 Ghz)
3) HD and RAM size (the bigger the better)
4) Battery type (3, 6 or 9 cells) and its working lifespan
5) Customer service efficeiency

Compare the info you get from one sales person to another. You might find that some are not knowledgable enough on the products and yet givin you crap beware!

Third...After deciding on the model that you want to buy. GO to the BRAND retail shop to avoid being swindle by ruthless and greedy seller. This way, you really sure the product you purchase is original and authentic. Or you can just buy from any nice salesman who spend lot of his time patiently explaining the world of IT to you but ENSURE that:
1) Request the sales person to show you the packaging box. The packaging box given to you should NOT BE TAMPERED. It should be seal tightly as the manufacturer can to ensure no items in the box went missing (guess by who??)
2) Ask the sales person to show you the serial no in the computer system is equivalent to the serial no labeled on the packaging box. It should match (duh!!)
3) Check all the OS, recovery and else are given...usually the CD is customised for the BRAND. DO NOT ACCEPT burned CD and other crap given.
4) Last but not least, check if the charger n manual are in place.

And at up and GET THE never know when you might need it...

After carefully writing this procedure for you...there is only last thing for me to say...CUSTOMER R ALWAYS RIGHT...

Jack 911
Monday, October 12, 2009 at 4:35pm
I want to  share themy very own experience on this matter and  fortunately I am aware of this scam technique beforehand. So, I know what to do.

This happens on 24/01/07, when a guy introduced himself as Zul. Almost non-stop, he keeps on bombarding me with promotion on Budaya membership card which sounds so good to be true. I get  annoyed with this and a wicked plan crosses my mind.

I’ve played along with his game, answering his questions with lies. Some of his questions are:

1) Do have credit cards? If yes, which finance company?

2) Master or Visa?

3) Home address?

4) Next of kin name and contact number (should your family member crash your car, AAM will definitely will take care of it…yeah, right!)

5) Numbers on my credit card…. including the security no. They actually know the coding system behind the numbers for different credit card…so I’m careful not to give away my lies.

Because I am so willing in giving my personal info to him, the guy even pass my call to his so-called Department Manager to double confirm my agreement to join their membership cards.

5 minutes after that, Zul called again and ask again on my credit card bogus details. Of course, I didn’t record my lies, so I didn’t remember the numbers. I ask him to me the next day with an excuse I’m too lazy to open my drawer ;) (a lame one but he bought it). To this day, he still call me…. and I just don’t have the time to fool him again…hahhahahah

Moral of the story:

1) If you have time to fool them, make sure to write down your bogus detail, that way, should they ask you again….you can give the same answer

2) Engage your conversation as long as you can, especially if you are subscribing hotlink prepaid. Hotlink have ‘call me bonus’ reward where you will be given extra talk time or free sms for answering call. So now, you could benefit from their scam. My conversation with Zul lasted for about 20 minutes, but unlucky for me…I’m using DiGi nerwork.

3) I think of this as a way to teach scammers a lesson for giving false hope to other innocent people. If all of us, have the time to do this, hopefully they will give up and start to earn clean money…. in other words, we are doing a community service….in a wicked way, of course ;)

If you are in agreement with this plan, remember to forward this true story to your beloved ones.