I want to  share themy very own experience on this matter and  fortunately I am aware of this scam technique beforehand. So, I know what to do.

This happens on 24/01/07, when a guy introduced himself as Zul. Almost non-stop, he keeps on bombarding me with promotion on Budaya membership card which sounds so good to be true. I get  annoyed with this and a wicked plan crosses my mind.

I’ve played along with his game, answering his questions with lies. Some of his questions are:

1) Do have credit cards? If yes, which finance company?

2) Master or Visa?

3) Home address?

4) Next of kin name and contact number (should your family member crash your car, AAM will definitely will take care of it…yeah, right!)

5) Numbers on my credit card…. including the security no. They actually know the coding system behind the numbers for different credit card…so I’m careful not to give away my lies.

Because I am so willing in giving my personal info to him, the guy even pass my call to his so-called Department Manager to double confirm my agreement to join their membership cards.

5 minutes after that, Zul called again and ask again on my credit card bogus details. Of course, I didn’t record my lies, so I didn’t remember the numbers. I ask him to me the next day with an excuse I’m too lazy to open my drawer ;) (a lame one but he bought it). To this day, he still call me…. and I just don’t have the time to fool him again…hahhahahah

Moral of the story:

1) If you have time to fool them, make sure to write down your bogus detail, that way, should they ask you again….you can give the same answer

2) Engage your conversation as long as you can, especially if you are subscribing hotlink prepaid. Hotlink have ‘call me bonus’ reward where you will be given extra talk time or free sms for answering call. So now, you could benefit from their scam. My conversation with Zul lasted for about 20 minutes, but unlucky for me…I’m using DiGi nerwork.

3) I think of this as a way to teach scammers a lesson for giving false hope to other innocent people. If all of us, have the time to do this, hopefully they will give up and start to earn clean money…. in other words, we are doing a community service….in a wicked way, of course ;)

If you are in agreement with this plan, remember to forward this true story to your beloved ones.

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