eliefs, traditions and events during Chinese New Year


During Chinese New Year,every words and  acts are carefully weighed as it is believe that everything that happens on New Year’s Day can and will pose an impact on the whole year. Here a checklist of the do’s and don’t during Chinese New Year.

在农历新年里,所说的每一句话,做的每件事都要小心翼翼,因为相信它们会影响这一整年的运程。 以下是一些在新年期间可以做和不可以做的事。

During Chinese New Year…


v  On the New Year’s Eve, open all doors and windows to allow good luck and  energy to flow in and welcoming the God of Fortune (‘Cai Shen’) to come in easily
Ø  在年除夕的夜晚,开启所有的门和窗口来迎接好运和接财神

v  Greet everyone that you meet with smile and good words
Ø  向所遇见的人报以微笑,口说吉利的话--恭喜,发财

v  Wear new clothes, preferably red colour that symbolize joy, happiness and prosperity
Ø  穿上新衣服,最好是红色的,来代表欢乐,吉利,好运


v  No floor sweeping on the first three days as you might ‘sweep’ away any good luck and fortune 
v  扫地-年初一至三不能扫地,因为相信这样会扫走一切好运和财气

v  No saying of bad words, such as death, illness or the number ‘four’ as it sound like the Chinese word for ‘death’
v  说坏话-新年期间,不能说不吉利的话,比如‘死’‘病’或‘四’(因为和死同音)
v  No breaking of glasses, plates or anything as it means braking your 
fortune for the year; however, if that really happens, one have to quickly say ‘luo d kai hua’, which means drop and flourish to good things
v  打破东西-新年期间,千万不可打破东西,因为那等于破财;但如果不小心打破了,应立刻说‘落地开花‘
v  No scissors or needles as you may cut of your fortune, usually sewing machine is sealed off before the New Year and can only be used after the fifteen days or Chap Goh Mei
v  拿剪刀或针-会把好运财气剪掉; 通常缝纫机会在年初一前收起,年十五后才能用
v  No hair cutting as ‘hair’ as you may be cutting off your prosperity or , in Chinese ‘fa’ 
v  剪头发-剪头发会把好运也一起剪去
v  No money lending to anyone or debts collecting or you will suffer from bad money luck all year
v  借钱-新年期间,禁忌向别人借钱或讨债,因为会影响整年的财运

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