Take a long sharp knife
Shining and gleaming with all its glory
Thrust deep, thrust quick
Through my crumpled heart
Again…and again
Don’t stop

While at it
Remember use the sharpest pin
Poke anywhere you like
In my eyes right through the brain
Make sure it is long and strong
Turning my brain to a mushy matter

Take a peeler
Peel my skin thin
Ahh….it is a great feeling?
Making me unrecognizable?
Go on…till the red bloody flesh
Straight through my mineral bone

But you are great….
You don’t use weapon
You didn’t stabbed
You didn’t skinned
Let alone mashing brains

Just words….
The ugly, nasty, poison words of yours

I still feel my heart bleeding
My head spinning threated to explode
Ohh…run and hide my face!!!

 Why don’t you just kill me??

 Jack 911
April 21st, 2008 

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